Sustaining the Environment

With an eye on environmental preservation, the buildings of Marina Loft were designed with the goal of balancing development with the local environment. A LEED certified project, Marina Lofts will have green roofs and living walls that will help further create additional green space for our downtown. Landscaping that is native to Fort Lauderdale will be planted throughout the Marina Lofts Riverwalk.

Rain Tree Park will be the new home to our cherished “African Rain Tree”. In its new location, our Rain Tree will provide an urban anchor and centerpiece for the park, cradled by landscaping, benches, and tables for public use. Our Rain Tree will be a centerpiece of the Downtown, and showcase a sustainable, eco-development’s marriage between environment, art, architecture, and urbanism.

Consultants have developed a ten-year maintenance plan to ensure our Rain Tree’s long-term health. Environmental Design will preserve and relocate our African Rain Tree to Rain Tree park where it will be accessible to the public for the first time in over a decade. Asi Cymbal has offered a bond of $1 million to further show his commitment to our Rain Tree’s preservation and his confidence in the requested relocation.

Environmental Design has successfully preserved and relocated hundreds of trees greater in size and older than our African Rain Tree and its successful giant tree moves have been documented by the History Channel and Discovery Channel.

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