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Marina Lofts

Originally published September 29, 2012, Updated April 2, 2013.

Marina Lofts has been revised to reflect the comments that we received after having met with over a thousand members of our community.

Phase 1 has been lowered dramatically by eight stories to 28 stories from 36 stories. That western-most building has dropped by almost 100 units and is now at 255 residential lofts from its initial 348 unit count. This western building is now the smallest building in Marina Lofts, consistent with our promise to residents of the Esplanade Condominium to make the building closest to them the smallest. We will also have 3,717 sf restaurant in that building. The Rain Tree Park will be created during the first phase and construction will commence once our Rain Tree is safely preserved within our park at Marina Lofts. Construction is expected to commence in December 2013 and will be complete in 2015.

Phase 2 has also been lowered dramatically to 28 stories from 36 stories. That central building has dropped 78 units to 261 lofts from its original count of 339. It will include the relocated Pirate’s Republic into a 5,121 sf restaurant space, and 6,015 square feet of retail. Construction is expected to commence in 2015 and will be complete in 2016.

Phase 3 will consist of a 33-story building on the eastern parcel. It will include 482 residential rental lofts, 6 live/work units, the relocated Water Taxi, 11,471 sf of retail, 3,078 sf of restaurant space, and an upgraded boat storage facility for 200 boats. Construction is expected to commence in 2016 and be complete in 2018.

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