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The only valid reason behind individuals to use C# for the accounting system is they usually are not business centric application, they do not need the suitable of VB.Net in company application, and they may be really used to C# programming for another system base program… That said, C# accounting is not different from VB.Net Accounting, they all share the exact same components and design, and in business environment, many innovative C# construction doesn’t employ. I’d just recommend C# source code for accounting software if you’re from other languages or Visual Basic 6, when the programmer are C# in nature, and you are developing business program, never use C#! VB.Net is simpler to learn, master & most company application are developed with Visual Basic and VB.Net! It is simple to find many visual basic and based application, this make resources and the development! Certainly, on dot net platform, every compiled element are interoperable, there aren’t any barriers between them, but it makes thing even more easier, when you can use the same language. If C# isn’t your daily language, use VB.Net instead, you will gain these advantages… Advantage #1 – More resources.

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You can locate more resources, including human resources if you use Visual Roxio Creator 2012 Pro Basic dot Net. Unless you’re creating system utility like reporting software and compiler language components, use VB.NET. Edge #2 – Less. If you simply migrate from Visual Basic, Delphi or Java, VB.Net should be familiar… You can readily get to the skilled level in few months time. C# needs more time, but certainly stronger in building programs! Advantage #3 – Business Oriented.

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All business software are built upon VB and VB.Net, you rarely see C, C++ or C# company program. Only, because VB and VB.Net is easier to read and learn and preserve for business software. Cynics Applications supplies VB.NET Accounting, POS and Stock source code as the option to C# Accounting, if you can’t find any good C# Accounting, you might begin to look at VB.Net, you still can use and communicate between objects readily… Copyright 2008 – Cynics Applications. Feel free to distribute this post, as well as the resources box in place without adjustment.

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