Highlighting and Preserving the Marine Industry

Understanding the importance of the marine industry upon the local economy and historic preservation of our community, marine preservation is prioritized throughout the design and development process. Known as the “Venice of the Americas,” Fort Lauderdale’s marine industry is a major economic driver as well as an icon of our local culture which is why preserving and improving the marine industry is such a major element of the Marina Lofts project and design.

Not only is the Riverfront boat storage being preserved, but significant improvements will be made to the marina area such as creating improved and accessible public dockage; investment in new forklifts; creating an architecturally significant façade to the dry dock storage, creating marine-related amenities such as an upgraded boat repair shop, the addition of a marine-related boat market, and gasoline refueling.

Marina Lofts will also feature an improved Water Taxi hub, Freedom Boat Club hub, and public boat slips that provide direction connection surrounding the neighborhoods and districts along the River to help further the goal of creating a multi-modal urban core.

The expansion of Water Taxi services will provide the connectivity between the north and south side of the New River which has been a longstanding goal of the City of Fort Lauderdale.

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2 comments on “Highlighting and Preserving the Marine Industry
  1. Steve Nordyke says:

    It is not clear to me where the Water Taxi’s will be docked. Right now, the fleet docks at the Sunpower Diesel site every night. Where on the site will the boats dock once phase II is complete?

    • Asi Cymbal says:

      Hi Steve, Water taxi boats will dock at night all along the water’s edge, with the exception of the pedestrian bridge, and in the marina basin of Riverfront Marina. Please let us know if you have any other questions and thank you for your comment.

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