Furthering the Vision for the Future of Fort Lauderdale

Marina Lofts is consistent with the master plans of the city. As proposed, it meets the intent, vision and planning principles of the Downtown Master Plan, the New River Master Plan, and the Riverwalk District Plan. In fact, Marina Lofts complies with and furthers 11 out of the 12 planning principles of the Downtown Master Plan and all of the planning principles of the New River Master Plan internet essay.

The vision of a vibrant mixed-use Downtown, combining new homes with office space, shops and restaurants; a Downtown with destinations, activities and places that appeal to both residents and to visitors comes to life with Marina Lofts.

Marina Lofts’ meets and exceeds the City’s vision to activate the Riverwalk District as an urban center of Broward County, providing a unique South Florida destination that strikes a balance between iconic architecture, the natural environment, urbanism, and architecture. Additionally, it helps advance the cities goal to promote and further advance the use of public transportation and creation of the necessary infrastructure.

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