Transportation in the Urban Core

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Marina Lofts promotes a multi-modal community. A true multi-user destination, it emphasizes boaters, bikers and pedestrians as the priority users and aims to further the Downtown’s goal of encouraging alternatives to the car. Its multi-use pathways, pedestrian only pathways to

Preserving and Promoting the Marine Industry, Water Taxi and Existing Tenancies

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Updated April 18, 2013 The Marine Industry is one of the largest economic generators in Fort Lauderdale and has seen its presence eroded by new development projects that demolish existing Marine uses in favor of residential projects. Understanding the importance

Attracting Urbanites

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Through thoughtful, responsible development it is possible to create a mixed-use concept that is uniquely Fort Lauderdale and that will enhance and transform the surrounding community. Marina Lofts aims to attract and connect with urban dwellers wishing to live in


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Marina Lofts is being constructed in three phases so that any traffic impact will be gradual. We have commissioned a traffic impact study that analyzes traffic flow and mitigates against any adverse traffic impacts upon the community. The study estimated

Marina Lofts
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