Public Benefits of Marina Lofts

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Marina Lofts opens the property for community-wide use through public amenities, restaurants, public dock space, our new Rain Tree Park, retail space, and pedestrian corridors. Marina Lofts creates a new pocket park in the Tarpon River neighborhood featuring the magnificent

Activating the Riverwalk

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Updated April 17, 2013 Understanding the importance of extending and connecting the Riverwalk, Bjarke Ingels and I plan to activate the Riverwalk along the blighted stretch between the FEC tracks and the Esplanade. We are creating a dynamic environment filled

Connecting The Riverwalk

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The Riverwalk is a unique and compelling pedestrian experience along the north and south banks of the New River. It allows pedestrians to walk, jog, or bicycle along the New River. However, that experience is currently interrupted in two locations,

Retail and Restaurants Along the New River

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Marina Lofts will activate the Riverwalk with several restaurants, a café, a coffee shop, a public park, marine-related shops, and additional retail uses that will compliment the community that we are curating. Our goal also is to ensure high occupancy

Quiet Zone

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Urban communities thrive with a sense of energy and excitement, but there is a difference between the melodic strumming of an acoustic guitar at a live music venue or restaurant and the blaring horn of a train traveling through downtown

The Pedestrian Experience

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While the Marina Lofts site along the New River has an irregular shape due to the marine basins within the property, we will bridge over those barriers in order to create a pedestrian experience closest to the water. Upon the

Renderings Gallery

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See all current renderings for Marina Lofts.

Supporting the Arts

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Fort Lauderdale is known for its thriving entertainment and arts culture along the Riverfront, including the Broward Center for Performing Arts, Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale, Florida Grand Opera, Fort Lauderdale History Center and Historic Stranahan House Museum. Billed

Building Height and Density

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In order to bring world-class architecture and innovation to the New River, fund the expansion of the Riverwalk, create approximately 1 acre of public space within the development (including the Rain Tree Park), provide public art, preserve and relocate 75

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