Preserving and Promoting the Marine Industry, Water Taxi and Existing Tenancies

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Updated April 18, 2013 The Marine Industry is one of the largest economic generators in Fort Lauderdale and has seen its presence eroded by new development projects that demolish existing Marine uses in favor of residential projects. Understanding the importance

Activating the Riverwalk

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Updated April 17, 2013 Understanding the importance of extending and connecting the Riverwalk, Bjarke Ingels and I plan to activate the Riverwalk along the blighted stretch between the FEC tracks and the Esplanade. We are creating a dynamic environment filled

American Society of Consulting Arborists Conversation on LinkedIn

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“There is no question this tree is magnificent and will change the view of some people, when it is moved some 600 feet to a space that will provide the Albezia Semanea seman the proper amount of space to live

I Admit It; I’m A Tree Hugger

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Updated October 30, 2012 I have great reverence for the environment both personally and professionally. I cherish the beautiful, historic African Rain Tree currently on the site and am committed to protecting it. I have marveled at the many lifetimes this

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