Maintaining View Corridors for Existing Buildings

Maintaining view corridors for existing buildings

Cymbal Development believes in working in concert with the communities of which we are a part. The firm was created with the intent of developing and constructing aesthetically significant neighborhoods with integrity.

We are sensitive to our environment and engage in strategically important and responsible projects that typically spur additional, thoughtful development and are a catalyst to further quality-of-life improvements in the area.

Fostering a revitalized neighborhood also means maintaining a positive relationship with the existing community. While the zoning code asks that we set our buildings back 60’ from the water, we went much further and set back phase 1 176’ in order to preserve the Downtown Fort Lauderdale view corridor of Esplanade residents.

We have also reached out to many neighbors, neighborhood associations, and leaders in the business and arts communities to get their feedback on Marina Lofts.

While we understand that we may not be able to satisfy all the myriad interests surrounding Marina Lofts, we are determined to hear out as many people as possible and incorporate reasonable suggestions that improve Marina Lofts and enhance the City of Fort Lauderdale as a whole.


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