Why I Support Marina Lofts

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Reprinted from Schwartzonomics.com This post should really be named “Why I support development in Downtown Fort Lauderdale”. The truth is, I support Marina Lofts because of what the project stands for and the change that it will bring to our

The Real Story: The Tree And The Development

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Reprinted from BrowardBeat.com. You might have heard how a heartless developer is threatening the life of a rare tree so he can build in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It’s a compelling story of the type the media loves, pitting good and

Marina Lofts Celebrates Earth Day at the Site of Our African Rain Tree

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – April 22, 2013 – To honor Earth Day, Marina Lofts developer Asi Cymbal hosted an Earth Day event for nationally recognized arborists and other environmental experts at the downtown site of our African Rain Tree. The

Economic Impact in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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Updated April 21, 2013 We are committed to successfully curating a thriving, design-driven community of retail, restaurants, residential units, and an active marina at Marina Lofts essay help uk. We expect Marina Lofts to have a meaningful, positive economic impact

Furthering the Vision for the Future of Fort Lauderdale

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Marina Lofts is consistent with the master plans of the city. As proposed, it meets the intent, vision and planning principles of the Downtown Master Plan, the New River Master Plan, and the Riverwalk District Plan. In fact, Marina Lofts

Sustaining the Environment

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With an eye on environmental preservation, the buildings of Marina Loft were designed with the goal of balancing development with the local environment. A LEED certified project, Marina Lofts will have green roofs and living walls that will help further

Affordable Luxury Residences

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Marina Lofts attracts and connects with urban dwellers wishing to live in an architectural icon, and who are drawn to art, design, waterfront living, and culture. Providing urban core living on the River with a marina, parks, a Riverwalk promenade

Transportation in the Urban Core

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Marina Lofts promotes a multi-modal community. A true multi-user destination, it emphasizes boaters, bikers and pedestrians as the priority users and aims to further the Downtown’s goal of encouraging alternatives to the car. Its multi-use pathways, pedestrian only pathways to

Highlighting and Preserving the Marine Industry

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Understanding the importance of the marine industry upon the local economy and historic preservation of our community, marine preservation is prioritized throughout the design and development process. Known as the “Venice of the Americas,” Fort Lauderdale’s marine industry is a

Public Benefits of Marina Lofts

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Marina Lofts opens the property for community-wide use through public amenities, restaurants, public dock space, our new Rain Tree Park, retail space, and pedestrian corridors. Marina Lofts creates a new pocket park in the Tarpon River neighborhood featuring the magnificent

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