A Better Plan to Preserve Our African Rain Tree

Our African Rain Tree located at Marina Lofts is a local treasure. Our plan to preserve our tree deserves the backing of the entire community – residents, environmentalists, investors, and professionals – everyone who believes strongly in an enduring future for our magnificent tree.

The African Rain Tree is the crown jewel of Marina Lofts. Our plan calls for the tree to serve as the grand entrance to the complex – its survival and growth is central to our vision for the site.  The tree will thrive at the heart of our Rain Tree Park at Marina Lofts, a green space on the property designed specifically for our tree. In this location, our Rain Tree will be well clear of any construction debris and can bathe in full sun, free of shade obstructions.

For our Rain Tree, we have hired the most experienced and successful giant tree preservation and relocation company in the United States.  This company successfully preserved and relocated hundreds of trees greater in size and older than our African Rain Tree; its successful tree preservation and relocations have been documented by the Discovery Channel and the History Channel; they saved the only tree that survived the 9/11 terrorist attacks; they successfully preserved and relocated giant trees in front of the Supreme Court of the United States; and they are responsible for the giant Christmas Tree installation for the White House.

We have also hired Bob Brennan, the chief arborist at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Fla. In his expert opinion, preserving and transplanting our tree to a new park would ensure it gets enough sunlight, and provide our tree with the special place it deserves – for years, it has been neglected on an empty lot behind a chain-link fence.

The relocation process itself is lengthy. A crew of specialists starts the preservation months in advance, pruning roots and fortifying our tree with water and nutrients. When our African Rain Tree is ready, a major infrastructure is built around the roots and tree, and industrial scale construction equipment is used for lifting and hauling. The cost of caring for our tree is over $1 million.

And, here is a PDF document detailing some of their other giant tree preservations.

We are also voluntarily posting a $1 million bond to show how confident we are in our ability to safely preserve our African Rain Tree. This is far above the $275,000 bond required by the City of Fort Lauderdale.

My personal philosophy goes against any kind of destruction of nature and local culture. In fact, Marina Lofts preserves not only our Rain Tree but also 70 additional trees currently on our site.

We need your support now more than ever to preserve our African Rain Tree.

There has been far too much misinformation disseminated about our preservation efforts.  Let’s raise the level of dialogue in our city to a thoughtful and considerate level that we can all be proud of, one based on facts, science, good intentions, and a world class team of tree preservationists.

Please show your support for Marina Lofts by completing this form and letter to our Fort Lauderdale Commissioners who will vote on our plan this spring.

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  1. Peter Pfeffer says:

    How can I be kept informed about any public meetings on this project so I can participate and offer support?

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