Marina Lofts activates the Riverwalk District as an urban center of Broward County, providing a unique South Florida destination that strikes a balance between iconic architecture, the natural environment, urbanism and architecture.
We are preserving the historic working marina, all businesses on site, over 75 trees on the site, creating Rain Tree park, planting landscaping along the riverfront that is native to Fort Lauderdale, and continuing the historic red brick paver and lightings along the Riverwalk.
Marina Lofts opens the property for community-wide use through public amenities, restaurants, public dock space, a Rain Tree Park, retail space and pedestrian corridors.
Marina Lofts attracts and connects with urban dwellers wishing to live in an architectural icon, and who are drawn to waterfront living and culture. Calling the downtown waterfront home will be a reality for many middle-income residents.
Marina Lofts understands the importance of the marine industry and historic preservation to the community. Marine preservation is prioritized throughout the design and development process.
The buildings of Marina Loft were designed with the goal of balancing development with the local environment. A LEED certified project, Marina Lofts will have green roofs and living walls that will help create additional green space for our downtown.
Marina Lofts promotes a true multi-user community emphasizing bicyclists, boaters, pedestrians and Water Taxi riders as priority users and aims to further the Downtown’s goal of encouraging alternatives to the automobile.
Marina Lofts could be an economic boon for the city of Fort Lauderdale and its residents, with the potential to generate thousands of new jobs and more than $100 million in tax revenue over its life span.

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